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“Innovation combining the next level of company pride with function on the job.”

Show off that company pride with custom work gloves from Kewell Werk Designs

The Business

We are a first responder driven business with your safety and protection in mind.  We understand that your hands along with your entire body are vital and must be protected.  Therefore, we have created outstanding customized all-purpose work gloves to be used on and off the job along with many other PPE items.

The process with our gloves allows us to heat transfer YOUR company’s logo on the top of our sturdy work gloves.  This procedure will ensure a long-lasting product that will serve you well as you show off your company pride.

Absolutely ZERO setup fees and FREE renderings.  We can produce large orders extremely fast with excellent craftsmanship.

May We Suggest

We know individuals will want to order these gloves for themselves, but consider the following cost-effective ways to reward employees:  Bulk order discounts are available

  • PPE for your Crew/ Department/ Business
  • Excellent Christmas gifts
  • Recognition of outstanding work
  • Safety awards
  • Milestone achievement and appreciation
  • General safety issued gear
  • And, don’t forget these make great gift ideas for family and friends